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Billy Mays found dead this morning.



Wow… wow… just wow…. first Ed McMahon then Ferret Focet(correct me please…) then The pop king… NAO Billy Mays for his tv ads… man… ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!!! 4 deaths! Crazy! Seriously… this is getting crazier by the day… man… 😦

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Is that a bird? No, it’s a plane? Wait! It’s kinda phAT!

Introducing a texture from me! ME? Yes, me!

Now there’s one you need to know as such, got transformed from an evil man to a super hero! News regarding if he is still evil is yet to be determined. He was once the evil king of Hyrule or something, always getting beat by the hero of time. Now he transforms suddenly by something that this something I don’t know… lol He was transformed into…. Read more…

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King of Pop pronounced dead, yesterday at age 50.

This shocked me so as it did to others. Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50! Plus more sad news: he was planning a comeback for music in July but sadly it will never be… So sad, I really never thought he’d die while I’m still young. Man this is the most sad death I witnessed in my life yet. Man…

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placeholder for 2 new textures

it might take a while, my internet is getting reall crappy (10 minutes to load this page)
update will have to wait

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i’m taking a break…

06/19/2009 3 comments

what? a break? i don’t even DO anything! oh well… i will not be on here till the 4th. see ya.

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Tomrorrow Is the Day!!!!

I will be texture hacking again.
I already got 2 new textures (from last month)…

but I am a 14 year old, not a god, so I can’t work on this all the time… And… My computer is really F***ed up… don’t worry, you’ll hardly notice a difference.

and I found out something about models for characters.
for the trophy, it is the character shape. for the character, it is a bunch of strips and lines. (so in-game, the character can look like he/she/it is moving when they do stuff)

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HBC is loading… YESS!

It WORKS! I just needed to use banner bomb and use ISO downgrader and re-install HBC and it works! YESS!

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I figured out a way of how to turn RAW PACs into PCS’s! YESS! Now I will be able to get you more downloads! Also a new thing I will be posting downloads to most characters  for download. So wait for it.

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Stage Produces no longer.

Since due to the ASH device for stages: Stash was made, we no longer need to produce stages. Just thought you needed to know. 😉


Other Produces could be but not stages.

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