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Yesterday was my birthday, went to the doctor 2day, and news about future hack releases.

So yesterday was my birthday, I am now 18. I also went to the doctor today and the lump in my breast is…….

nothing to be bothered by, the doctor when he was 13 had the same thing. Its a hormone thing that has to do with puberty and the balance of testosterone and estrogen levels which is weird because I’m eighteen not 13, the doctor has two hypothesises either that the medication I’ve been taking since I was 12 caused a hormone delay, which I don’t think is true because of the fact that I’ve had very noticable facial hair since 15 or that it is something serious. Either way I need to get a sonogram done so the doctor can see whats inside my breast, but if the sonogram is not clear enough then I need to get a mamogram. Do you know what a mamogram is? They take 2 clear plastic plates and squeeze my breast until it is the thickness of a nickel. OOUUCH!!!!! This is what your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, and/or daughter go through. They get their breasts sqeezed into a pancake.

Also I’m going to an italian wedding today. My step Aunt Michelle(not to be mistaken with my sister Michelle or my brother Stephen’s girlfriend Michelle, oh and my sister Michelle is dating a guy Named Steven, I know, weird.) is marrying into the Gambino family and is getting married at the same place as the weding in The Sapranos on HBO, since the mob’s going to be there I may not comeback alive unless I pay protection may. But since I’m eighteen I may just buy a gun on the way there.

But in hacking news my Captain Falcon Smash Attacks moveset Commander Falcon looks AWESOME and I’ll try to get the newest version released next week, with some cool textures.

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  1. TK 421
    09/13/2009 at 9:40 pm

    Good thing I’m not a pedifile cause you gave WAY to much info about your family. Oh, and I thought breast canser was CAUSED buy pressure. Good thing you don’t have that. Oh happy birthday! It sucks being 14 cause of all the crap of being a Freshman.

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