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Injured2day is Back From the Dead! (sorta..)

08/24/2009 2 comments

yeah hey guys, injured2day here

i know i know. where the hell have i been right?

well its a long story, but alot have stuff has been happening with me the last 2 months

1) i got a new computer, the old one was slowing down too much

2) personal things

3) i hadn’t had enough inspiration to make anything new

i know alot of my stuff hasn’t been uploaded but i plan on getting it all uploaded in the next couple weeks here so just sit tight, i’ll get to it.

now then, i got another laptop off a friend and i should be putting photoshop on it in the next week, so that means more textures! (finally i know x.x)

again though guys, im so sorry for not being around i’ll make up for it i promise guys!

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Mario got an original alt. costume back =o

04/11/2009 4 comments

so mario has had the same alternate costumes since super smash bros 64….except for this one

i dont know about you guys but this was the color i used when i played.  it reminded me alot of like a retro mario.

Brown Mario is Back!

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the greatest final smash…ever… 18+

Heads Up: this is one of those 18 or older textures

now then, i think i was the first one to show off Naked Zero Suit samus back in january, and i think this texture tops it

warning though, the pictures are UNCENCORED, so just keep that in mind when checking it out after the jump. enjoy guys!

and enjoy the DOWNLOAD!

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oh god not that creepy doll..

04/10/2009 7 comments

well to be honest it didnt come out quite that creepy, but i think it still came out fine considering the limitations.   i’ll be honest, but the idea for this came from CyberMaroon on Deviantart (nicktendods to be exact who is part of stack smash) . i was browsing and came across some of his ideas which were great, so credit for this one goes to him. I think  it needs a couple small edits on the eyes but for the most part i consider it finished. so without further delay, i give you guys, The Tails Doll

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He’s here and he’s giving Pikachu a break

so i remember when a friend of mine argued me when he said that the pokemon trainer was Ash from the show, i mean sure it sounds like him, but in brawl he’s based off the gameboy version “red”. we argued that alot actually,  but i finally settled the arguement, the pokemon trainer in brawl is Red…This However, is Ash! Read more…

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More cute than before or just plain creepy…you decide!

04/10/2009 5 comments

i’ve been sick all this week and last so i havent felt up to making anything new, but i think im at a well enough point to make some more textures, which brings me to tonights texture, i wanted to make something simple, but cute. so i either succeded, or failed (i like to think success) so i bring you Kirby! in a cute Anime form Read more…

Tails, the One Tailed Fox

i wasnt originally gonna put this on power nation because after i made him i learned MeowMix had made one…but after checking it out i decided this would still be awesome to post here because well, a few teams out there have their own versions of certain textures ( swear i’ve seen like 4 shadows out there), and this is my version of  Tails

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Mario is flying through brawl

Looks like mario found one of his powerups straight from the galaxy! Red Star Mario is here Everyone!

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Quadruple The Retro – NES Galore

03/27/2009 6 comments

Well this time i have not 1, not 2, hell not even 3, but 4.. Retro NES Textures (yes yes i love Retro…alot :3)

but in this case, 3 of them happen to be mario.

NES Mario, SMB1 Fire Mario, SMB3 Fire Mario, and NES Peach

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Brings the PINGAS to Brawl

Thats right, Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the classic Sonic: SatAM Cartoon show (and from many youtube poops) is here to fight! pics? you got it!

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