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Time For A Comeback!!! possibly

I just found out i live on the same street as skyos from ]EE[. Meeting him tomorrow for a match…maybe i can convince him to join PN?

-Forgot to ask…owell…this place is dead anyways…
-Managed to beat him TWICE in the last 100 or so matches…one time, he effed up using Lucas’s Recovery, the other time, he was screwing around…

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Since this place is liek dead…

i will be putting my hacks up at deviantart…

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Small update

…i haven’t done much…high school sucks…soo much more work than middle school…im working a tiny bit on my new toonlink but need someone to test:
Updated: Graphic effects (some attacks have a glowy sword, most animations do), Side attack (not smash) updates: just side tilt: same as last update, Up+side: Aura blast (surrounded with aura), Down+side: Long reach aura snake…furthest one is a ohko (sideways launch), the rest does 5 dmg…

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zomg, I’ve lost my recolor skillz.

actually, I lost them like 2 months back so i did movesets instead.
My current bowser texture project isn’t turning out too well…
have fun without me while i try to get my recoloring skills back.

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place holder for a new texture

I was watching smbz 8 and I wanted to make a basalisx texture for bowser…. not easy, but I’m working on it

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So sorry about my inactiveness guys…

I got recon armor on halo 3 and I’ve been too busy showing it off to do any ssbb hax…
I’ll prolly get back to ssbb in 2-3 weeks

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um…not ssbb related but help?

as some of you know, I’m a nds hacker. I wanna make pokemon HG (j) codes but there is an antipiracy thing AND its in jpn.
I don’t have the latest .net framework and I don’t have admin priveliges (and the latest mxp update blocked my bypass hack)
Can someone please patch the rom for me?

open the xdelta GUI
for the patch, use HGE_P.patch
for the rom use hg.nds
press patch
make sure that the rom is not 0 kb

upload and post link…

edit: nvrmnd, I found a bypass:
1. Reboot
2. Hold F8
3. Boot Safemode
4. Go to admin (usually no password)
5. Change your ACC to admin
6. Reboot
7. Profit

I’m keeping the stuff up if anyon wants it

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Aura Toonlink V.21 Is Up… YAY, I’m active again.

…title speaks for itself…

Read more…

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Finaly got it to work…

I present to you:
Aura Toonlink V.01
I know…I’m slow, I suck, wtd, w/e…anyway:

Walking, runing, jumping, rolling, dodging, and crouching make little aura…
Waiting: a 10 dmg attack with 1 knockback….good for cheap chains
Acombo: 1st attack: Stuns near TLink, Aura near tip. 2nd Attack: aura. 3rd Attack: Freezing
Side Tilt: Aura Illusion: Toon Link does a mini foxdash with a swordswing…then teleports back to where the attack started (moves about the range of ike’s smash)
BAir: in air, cape effect. on ground, it makes them suddenly fall onto the ground…if enemy is hit, he/she cant move for 2 seconds…good for chaining.
Up special was modded to have 1 hitbox of each element… (sleepytime anyone?) Attacking near the tip will pitfall them…Attacking near toonlink has a chance to put enemy to sleep.
Side smash has a semi longrange aura explosion attack for 12 dmg
All other attacks have aura hittype

Next version:
Side Smash long range will have another explosion a bit further
Loop the loopable aura effects (some already loop)
Align the aura on the BAir
Add hitboxes to movement aura

V .2 should be up by thursday… I don’t feel like doing more moveset hax today

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I’ma gonna have a moveset up for Toon Link soon.

what I need to fix:
the effects loop is too fast and it freezes (loop 2 size 5 auras every 3 frames)
A longer attack range
a way to add effects to the tip of the sword.

what I need to know:
The best loop speed for size 5 auras
How to stretch an attack bubble
the bone id, X offset, Y offset, and Z offset of the tip of toon link’s sword

help me out guys

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