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Power Nation is dead- Where to find the members

04/22/2010 1 comment

Hey guys, with everyone leaving the site, i think it’s time to officialy close up shop. We’ve had a good(?) run, but it’s time for it to end. However, for anyone who is stumbling upon this in heir internet browsing, this post will give links to where most of the members have gone. If you’re a member here, please edit this to have your info, and if one of you regular people find one of the members that doesn’t have a link yet, feel free to tell us where (s)he is.

PowerMarshall: –;u=1098mm
Wojogamer: *to be decided*
TK 421:
Gehaga: Hit me up on facebook
Stickman (left a long time ago)- or


Shadow Recolors

02/16/2010 Leave a comment

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The Elimintaion Chamber *gasps*

01/25/2010 2 comments
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Back with more textures!

01/21/2010 1 comment
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I was bored so…

01/12/2010 2 comments

I made Black Tunic Link!


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Friend Codes Anyone?

01/03/2010 Leave a comment

Here’s my codes. XD

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3: 4082-6486-1071

Mario Kart Wii: 1634-2269-0638

Sonic And The Black Knight: 3523-7719-5802

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 2536-3206-1278

TMNT: Smash-Up: 4855-6031-8610

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Well I’m Back!

01/02/2010 Leave a comment
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