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07/31/2009 1 comment

In lack of updates on the site i decided to post some thing i made awhile ago BEHOLD….

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my excuses for being away

Hi guys…
reasons I was away:
1. Summer School is hard. 20 weeks work compressed into 6 weeks
2. I was busy playing my XBox and hacking nds AR codes
3. I was lazy
4. Models are annoying… But I am still trying. Collada and blender don’t work on my computer very well.
5. I was hacking the mii channel for a wider selection of mii shirt colors. I got a swirly thing that I think was to be used with the gold pants…
6. Super mario galaxy is fun.
7. I am workng on another project of mine:
here are videos of an older version:

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*Credit to Meowmix for photos.

Looks like Phantom Wings has done it once again…. custom movesets!!!!!

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From within the Master Emerald…

07/26/2009 8 comments

emerges the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos! Sonic has encountered this monster Dr. Eggman released many times but now it has gained ALL 7 of the Chaos Emeralds and turned into…. Perfect Chaos! Can Sonic beat this monstrosity, or will the world be forever doomed? Credit to Dchen for SS. Read more…

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It’s-a me, Santa Mario! (DOUBLE UPDATE!)

It seems Stages haven’t been the goal of this nation; hear not, for all I will bring are 2 things! Hear now; I bring them… TODAY! SANTA JOINS BRAWL!!! BUT…. he loss some weight or should I say… ALL WEIGHT? lolz… Also while he came to smash he brought his ride! W00t! Go Santa!

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A propostiamentae

Yes I know that word is non-understandable and it is weird…

IDK, but anyways… I had a question given to mii, about teh Movie. That person said he could make mah movie better… I accepted… and so…. the movie will probably take longer than you wanted but here’s good news; Since so, I decided to come back with some updates tonight. kk? So new stuff will be here soon.

see you latars.

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FINALLY More of mah Textures are downloadable! W()()T!

TEH characters are:

super-smash-brothers-brawl-na_021There we go.... don't look at his eyes or HE'LL STEAL YA SOUL!


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