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07/31/2009 1 comment

In lack of updates on the site i decided to post some thing i made awhile ago BEHOLD….

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my excuses for being away

Hi guys…
reasons I was away:
1. Summer School is hard. 20 weeks work compressed into 6 weeks
2. I was busy playing my XBox and hacking nds AR codes
3. I was lazy
4. Models are annoying… But I am still trying. Collada and blender don’t work on my computer very well.
5. I was hacking the mii channel for a wider selection of mii shirt colors. I got a swirly thing that I think was to be used with the gold pants…
6. Super mario galaxy is fun.
7. I am workng on another project of mine:
here are videos of an older version:

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*Credit to Meowmix for photos.

Looks like Phantom Wings has done it once again…. custom movesets!!!!!

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From within the Master Emerald…

07/26/2009 8 comments

emerges the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos! Sonic has encountered this monster Dr. Eggman released many times but now it has gained ALL 7 of the Chaos Emeralds and turned into…. Perfect Chaos! Can Sonic beat this monstrosity, or will the world be forever doomed? Credit to Dchen for SS. Read more…

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It’s-a me, Santa Mario! (DOUBLE UPDATE!)

It seems Stages haven’t been the goal of this nation; hear not, for all I will bring are 2 things! Hear now; I bring them… TODAY! SANTA JOINS BRAWL!!! BUT…. he loss some weight or should I say… ALL WEIGHT? lolz… Also while he came to smash he brought his ride! W00t! Go Santa!

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A propostiamentae

Yes I know that word is non-understandable and it is weird…

IDK, but anyways… I had a question given to mii, about teh Movie. That person said he could make mah movie better… I accepted… and so…. the movie will probably take longer than you wanted but here’s good news; Since so, I decided to come back with some updates tonight. kk? So new stuff will be here soon.

see you latars.

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FINALLY More of mah Textures are downloadable! W()()T!

TEH characters are:

super-smash-brothers-brawl-na_021There we go.... don't look at his eyes or HE'LL STEAL YA SOUL!


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“Eh Bob, Lets Go Poke Something.” “REEEAAAAA”

07/22/2009 3 comments

Eskimo Bob, Eskimo Bob, He Eats Rawaw fish.

Eskimo Bob, Eskimo Bob,He is… BUUUUURP! Cool.

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“Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing”

07/21/2009 4 comments

Mr. Patch is one of my favorite bosses in Banjo-Tooie for the N64. He’s the boss in WitchyWorld who you fight after you give Congo 4 tickets in order to enter the Big Top. You had to take him down by blowing up his patches, then he would deflate to his defeat. Check out this video if you don’t know him:

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KirbyKirbyKirby is the theme of this post

07/21/2009 5 comments

Hey, gehaga here with some Kirby Hats this post is suppose to hold you guys off until i finish my next 2 textures, which both will be part of a group of textures of the same theme. Kirby hats are so much fun to make and easy to use. NOTE: this is not all my kirby hats i still have lots and lots to go. Read more…