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Hey guys.

11/21/2009 2 comments

Yeah I think I’m done. Read more…

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“There’s one, there’s another one, and another one…”

11/19/2009 5 comments

“Holy S$$$!”

This is Buck, the bunny mascot of Gamestop, which is a hugs chain of video-game stores. He’s the one who replaced that huge ogre as the company mascot and spokesperson. I’m surprised no one tried this out, with Jigglypuff’s eyes not being mirrored like the other characters. And yes, the bunny’s name IS Buck. XD

Buck’s first commercial:

And Buck’s Origin:

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Quadruple Update!

11/18/2009 2 comments


Like I said before I’ve been playing NSMB Wii and I’m on World 9.

Well heres PS3 Fan Toon Link,Fierce Deity Toon Link, Ice Suit Mario, and Marth as Ike                       Download

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OKAY!!! we need something

11/16/2009 Leave a comment

Its been more then a week who do wee think we are Stack smash..

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SA2B Update!

11/07/2009 1 comment

Syntax Error Revamps!

And Shadow’s Theme

Download the pack here

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zomg, I’ve lost my recolor skillz.

actually, I lost them like 2 months back so i did movesets instead.
My current bowser texture project isn’t turning out too well…
have fun without me while i try to get my recoloring skills back.

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Sonic and the Black Knight Update!

11/04/2009 Leave a comment
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