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Tails, the One Tailed Fox

i wasnt originally gonna put this on power nation because after i made him i learned MeowMix had made one…but after checking it out i decided this would still be awesome to post here because well, a few teams out there have their own versions of certain textures ( swear i’ve seen like 4 shadows out there), and this is my version of  Tails

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03/29/2009 8 comments

It’s been quiet… too quiet.
I was bored so I decided to check out what Kyogre would look like green. I was just testing out some Photoshop tools and it looked cool in the pictures

It’s not that pretty, but I like it better than the blue normal one.

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DL it here:

includes:all textures by me

CSP pics for all my textures
new textures:
Shadow (replaces orange/yellow wristband sonic)
Inverted Pit(replaces Green Pit)
Redder TL (like blue)(Replaces Red TL)
Greener TL (Like blue)(Replaces Green TL)
Purpler TL (Like blue)(replaces Purple TL)

note:Sry guyz, don’t have enuff time to make pics

Mario is flying through brawl

Looks like mario found one of his powerups straight from the galaxy! Red Star Mario is here Everyone!

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Quadruple The Retro – NES Galore

03/27/2009 6 comments

Well this time i have not 1, not 2, hell not even 3, but 4.. Retro NES Textures (yes yes i love Retro…alot :3)

but in this case, 3 of them happen to be mario.

NES Mario, SMB1 Fire Mario, SMB3 Fire Mario, and NES Peach

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Can Spider-Man come out to play?

03/25/2009 13 comments

Even though he was killed, many have tried to take his place, but none have really succeeded… until now.

He is back in his old clothes and ready to fight. (Well almost)

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NOTICE: Nintendo bans homebrew users with new error code on wifi.

Damn I knew this day would come. Nintendo is now banning people on wifi if they got home-brew channel! Stupid Nintendo, ruining all the fun! Thanks for giving us the games and not allowing us to hack it without some sort of punishment! Thanks for this quote coming true: “Every good thing comes with a bad.”

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Dr. Ivo Robotnik Brings the PINGAS to Brawl

Thats right, Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the classic Sonic: SatAM Cartoon show (and from many youtube poops) is here to fight! pics? you got it!

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Produced: Final Destination

Breakthrough: We seem to found a way to do this a little faster.  



Final Destination- been with us all three games. Gotten better each new game. One of the plains stages and most used ones. Pretty good for fighting on. No distractions, no mistakes… Good to test your skills on it.

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Produced stage: Battlefield

Well I told ya so here you go.                                                         DOWNLOAD ZIP

DOWNLOAD 7z (7zip)

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