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Time For A Comeback!!! possibly

I just found out i live on the same street as skyos from ]EE[. Meeting him tomorrow for a match…maybe i can convince him to join PN?

-Forgot to ask…owell…this place is dead anyways…
-Managed to beat him TWICE in the last 100 or so matches…one time, he effed up using Lucas’s Recovery, the other time, he was screwing around…

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Since this place is liek dead…

i will be putting my hacks up at deviantart…

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Yeah…I think I’m gonna bail too.

03/15/2010 2 comments

Seeing as there’s barely any activity going on here since the leader left, I think I’m gonna take my leave too from Power Nation. It’s really been fun; I enjoyed being here since this was the first texture team I ever got accepted into, but it’s time to expand my horizons, maybe join ESH or KK-MM, whichever one will let me in.

I’ll never forget you guys and I wish you all the best. Take care, everyone! =)

Catch me here at these sites:

My Youtube account
My textures at Electronic Core.
And my own blog!

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