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Update: Retro 1-2

04/26/2009 4 comments
Well, I got a new computer, and now I should be able to update more. Here is a fixed version of my 1-2 from before. There may be another update later on, but that will only be to fix a mistake that you can only see with the unrestricted pause camera (the space under the stage is black instead of bricks. I thought it was the background but it wasn’t).. Anyway, pictures below and a download will be up tomorrow.
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small model editing tutorial v .25

guide v .25
1. download a model converter (mld0 to some supported format)(I use williamsconverter(.mld0 to .dae))
2. download a 3d models editor (autodesk 3ds if you can finish quickly, otherwise use some crappy freeware)(if you have autodesk, download collada plugin for it, installer for plugin is included with williamsconverter)
3. convert the model
4. delete model parts you do not need (I forgot how, its been 1 1/2 weeks since I last did this)
5. Create parts you want to add in as a new project.
6. copy/paste it in, drag it to where you want it
7. Save it.
8. Drag it on some wiisdk toolls (like I remember which ones, I was experimenting)just MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR WORK B4 THIS
9. the moment of truth…Is your texture bigger, smaller, or the same size as the original? same/smaller= success…if smaller, its fine
Putting the model in:
1. Open the new .mld0 and your original .pac
2. search MLD0 in the .pac (case sensitive)
3. find the model you want to replace
4. Paste over it (this is why size matters)
5. if too small, fill the rest in with 00s
6. save it as anything you want…but if you are to overwrite something, back it up first.
7. if you havent noticed, this is JUST like adding palletes manually.
10. test it (mine succeeded 66.6666666…% of the time…2/3)
11. Find some way to make textures go on it…(it says you need the full version to do this on autodesk…don’t make my mistake and download the crack…you will regret it…………………)

Q. does this always work?
A. not always, 2 times/3 tries for me

Q. Can I have your models?
A. Not til I finish them

Q. What is a working link to the crack?
A. All links work…but the crack is a freaking virus

vesion history:
actually a partial record of what I tried

.2 added more stuff…released on powernation

.21 fixed 1 small thing

.25 Made inserting more detailed

also, if anyone gets makemodel to work on their first try, that person is awesome(it is in wiisdk)

v 1.0 will garuntee(yes it is spelled incorrectly) 100% working and will have modelash released with it.

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04/21/2009 6 comments

What do you get when you cross Blaze the cat from the Sonic series, and an unedited Lucario .pac file? You get this. Kudos to Wojogamer for the idea, which I made into what you see below. It all started with one edited picture…

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Retro 1-2

04/20/2009 14 comments

I just wanted to get this out here before anyone else did. ASHtage came out and I wanted to get this done before a fan did. I want to thank GaryCXJk for answering all my questions and things like that.

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Le Dark Capitaine Falcon

04/20/2009 4 comments

O_o don’t look at me like that, I did this at 4am last night, and thought it came out quite lulzy :3

better stuff soon, I SWEAR Read more…

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My furst Stage texture hack?

I don’t know, I used ASHtage to do this. Hopefully… Someone test it? Thanks.


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Small Blender Tutorial

04/16/2009 4 comments

I made a quick 8-minute video on how to put textures in Blender. Don’t make fun of my slow typing or absent-mindedness. I kinda forgot what I was doing halfway into it haha.

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Blender Textures

04/15/2009 7 comments

YES!! I was able to get textures into blender. You need to convert the tga’s into bmp’s for easy sailing to do this. There is bad news along with this good news however. I only know how to get one texture up at a time, and it takes up the whole 3d model. This isn’t really a big deal for body edits, but for eye iris’s and such, that could be annoying. I learned how to do this from a youtube video, but i forgot what it was called. Anyway, here’s proof that i did it.

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Important: About Stage TGA’s

04/14/2009 1 comment

Since we have been releasing the tga’s for the stages, I forgot to point out a few details about them, so I am here making this post.

    1. The numbers in front of the name of the texture folders do not mean anything. They are not the order in which you are supposed to hex them. If you want to know the right order, get the stage.pac file, use SSBExtract to get 001.bin, place 001.bin on lz77ex.exe to get 001.bin.out, then look at the last lines of it, and somewhere, you should see the names of the textures, which are in the correct order.
    2. Because of this, ASH can extract the tga’s, but cannot rehex them. If you don’t believe me, try it. The ultimate test is to unpack the tga’s with ASH, then without editing them, use ash to rehex them into a new 001.bin.out (at this point it would be renamed 001.pac so it can function with ASH). ASH will either give a massive sized pac file, or it will endlessly loop when adding a tpl. ASH won’t rehex it. Period.
    3. It seems now that the only way to get it to work is to hex it normally with the Syntax Error Guide which is availible for download somewhere around here. Even though it doesnt have a stages section (which is causing problems with most people that dont know how to do stages) the same thing applies for making the tpl’s and other things with a normal character edit.

Well, that is it for my rambling. Enjoy your day, and eventually, I will get a functional stage out there. Hopefully people will answer my posts…

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EDIT: Stage “produces” requests

04/12/2009 21 comments

I will take 5 requests for the stage textures to be unpacked and hostes here.

I’m already doing TheHalberd and Eldin Bridge, which I will also upload later.

anyone can ask for a stage, just let me know what you would like

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