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well, first, I had a bright idea, I wanted to get GCAR working on my wii.
So then, I somehow messed up all brograms that use a menu like GECKO OS.
(GECKO OS, BACKUP launcher), and some others (ocarina, cios installer, ect)

so if I don’t fix it, no textures from me for a while…….
😦 😦 😦

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hexing problem

Now, you all know about my ASH problem I had, right? Luckly people helped me with it, but I can’t seem to get Hex Neo to work. That was the only editor that I actually used to make working textures! Now I tried other Hexing programs like hex workshop or probe, and it seems to be good! YAY! BUT after saving it, it didn’t work and just froze the game. I realized that the problem was that the newly created .PAC was much bigger in size than the original. I didn’t add anything, just replace and still. Help?


This is the last problem I have from ASH. After this I’ll be making Textures again… 😀

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IRC Channel

01/29/2009 1 comment

Thank you SuperCoins for all your help (again).

PowerNation now has an IRC Channel. Please go to and type “/join #powernation” (no quotes).

Please, no spamming, foul language, etc.


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01/28/2009 20 comments

I (Mystery Artist) have added links to the bottom of the page to different texture hacking sites.

Leon added us first, so let’s return the favor. Stack Smash is pretty sweet so they’re in too (with their new site :)). And with SuperCoins being helpful, the Elite Smash Hackers get in as well. Anyone else want to be added to our links?

(I posted this under Power Marshall’s name to hide my identity yet again…)


EDIT: Now they are on top of the site 🙂

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New Mystery member Joined.

Hmm,  let’s make it interesting! He/she has a secret identiy and his/her name is “MYSTRY ARTIST!” Remember the MA from ]EE[ which was Stack Smash? Well, I will give a clue… IT’S NOT THEM! lolz and have fun. Please guess. It’ll be fun. 😀

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Argh! I need a favor.

Well, I tried the Automatic Smash Hack tool. And so, It just wiped out half of mah stuff on my Desktop! WTH?! So the one thing that it deleted that didn’t want it to delete is my SSBB.ISO file that’s like 4.37GB!

So I need a favor from one of you fans out there. I need JUST the .PAC files of each character AND all their outfits. It can either be in Compress Folder or .RAR format. PLEASE. If you want more hacks from me, then please do this favor. I’m sorry for the bad news… 😦

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Zero Suit… Peach?

I was gonna call it that. Now as I look at it, I don’t know… It does look like it, but meh… What should I call this hack?

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It’s the one you’ve been waiting for, but I told you it wasn’t gonna be. WRONG! I found a new way of uploading texture through GeckoOS and WiirdGUI, thanks to IgglyBoo! Now I can make Textures for Yoshi and Lucario! So here he is! YOSHI BADDALLY!!! Read more…

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Luigi’s Strongest Fear comes true!

Who could this be which Character could Luigi Possibly be afraid of?

You may already know…

It’s… Read more…

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