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A Sad Decision…

Well, I thought about it…. and it looks like I am retiring from this blog.

There is an “if” about it though. I am thinking about joining KC:MM as a member… if I do, then this a goodbye to this blog.

Alternatively I may be gone, but this blog likely will not be. If yes, I will choose a member who has shown the most contribution, the most time here in a sense. This member has been loyal to the nation as one to be most appearing here… besides Stickman, who is now gone himself.

All riding on Mr. Jack Harvest’s Response to my request to join.

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Texture problem… what problem?

I have everything done, the problem is that his eye cannot show up in Brawl.

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Do you remember her?

Thanks to BrawlBox, we could swap stage models with others or just different models themselves! I present…

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My item set. Thanks, Brawlbox!

12/19/2009 9 comments

The last time I made a common3 .pac file, which was when I was on Dairantou Glitchforce, I had to replace some items with the ones I made due to file size. However, BrawlBox has made the process easier by simple replacing, regardless of size. I can now put up my item set up for download! Here are the items I’ve made.

Head over to my blog, Akuago220’s Domain, to find out where to download.

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12/12/2009 4 comments

Coming Soon…

Sorry if you wanted Grey fox, I let someone else do it, since I could not. So I took a different and more interesting approach on projects. Now Showing you one Sonic character you all know and love… and hate…? Read more…

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Barbs and Penuts

12/06/2009 4 comments

I belive it’s self explainitory.

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Bad News

12/05/2009 5 comments

When I run gekko and use codes my game freezes durring the strap loader. i’ve tried without the my custom strap Loader PAC file, it still crashes. When I loaded the game using the Wii Menu, it worked fine.

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Knuckles CONTROL!!!

12/04/2009 12 comments

Thats Right Knuckles works…

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Dead no mas!

Hi there, I am back with good and bad news.


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