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12/12/2009 4 comments

Barbs and Penuts

12/06/2009 4 comments

I belive it’s self explainitory.

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Bad News

12/05/2009 5 comments

When I run gekko and use codes my game freezes durring the strap loader. i’ve tried without the my custom strap Loader PAC file, it still crashes. When I loaded the game using the Wii Menu, it worked fine.

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Knuckles CONTROL!!!

12/04/2009 12 comments

Thats Right Knuckles works…

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Waluigi Confirmed For Brawl!!!!

12/03/2009 6 comments

Model Hacks results.

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A Simple Model Hack

12/01/2009 1 comment

I’ve been making promises about updates and not delivering so i give you this.

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OKAY!!! we need something

11/16/2009 Leave a comment

Its been more then a week who do wee think we are Stack smash..

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Textures To Look Foward To

10/06/2009 3 comments

I’m @ school while i write this and i just want to tell you what i’m working on. Read more…

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ScribbleNauts is awesome

09/23/2009 8 comments

Well i picked up scribblenauts and i must say Read more…

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you gonna get raped

08/28/2009 2 comments

oh gawd he has touched nurses and apparently rapes kittens and this link shoes that he even wants the nintendo 64 kid.

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