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you gonna get raped

08/28/2009 2 comments

oh gawd he has touched nurses and apparently rapes kittens and this link shoes that he even wants the nintendo 64 kid.

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Aura Toonlink V.21 Is Up… YAY, I’m active again.

…title speaks for itself…

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What…what have I done?!

08/25/2009 7 comments

A long time ago, when I first started making texture hacks, I brought this…abomination to Brawl life! After so long, I decided to revise him since the last one had a handful of flaws. Who is this creature? Well…

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Finaly got it to work…

I present to you:
Aura Toonlink V.01
I know…I’m slow, I suck, wtd, w/e…anyway:

Walking, runing, jumping, rolling, dodging, and crouching make little aura…
Waiting: a 10 dmg attack with 1 knockback….good for cheap chains
Acombo: 1st attack: Stuns near TLink, Aura near tip. 2nd Attack: aura. 3rd Attack: Freezing
Side Tilt: Aura Illusion: Toon Link does a mini foxdash with a swordswing…then teleports back to where the attack started (moves about the range of ike’s smash)
BAir: in air, cape effect. on ground, it makes them suddenly fall onto the ground…if enemy is hit, he/she cant move for 2 seconds…good for chaining.
Up special was modded to have 1 hitbox of each element… (sleepytime anyone?) Attacking near the tip will pitfall them…Attacking near toonlink has a chance to put enemy to sleep.
Side smash has a semi longrange aura explosion attack for 12 dmg
All other attacks have aura hittype

Next version:
Side Smash long range will have another explosion a bit further
Loop the loopable aura effects (some already loop)
Align the aura on the BAir
Add hitboxes to movement aura

V .2 should be up by thursday… I don’t feel like doing more moveset hax today

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Injured2day is Back From the Dead! (sorta..)

08/24/2009 2 comments

yeah hey guys, injured2day here

i know i know. where the hell have i been right?

well its a long story, but alot have stuff has been happening with me the last 2 months

1) i got a new computer, the old one was slowing down too much

2) personal things

3) i hadn’t had enough inspiration to make anything new

i know alot of my stuff hasn’t been uploaded but i plan on getting it all uploaded in the next couple weeks here so just sit tight, i’ll get to it.

now then, i got another laptop off a friend and i should be putting photoshop on it in the next week, so that means more textures! (finally i know x.x)

again though guys, im so sorry for not being around i’ll make up for it i promise guys!

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Suspicious elf…

Well Santa Mario wont take taht, he actually does find it suspicious to have a young elf whose I dont know, 12? To top that, he has a sword, sheild, and other equipment! Now if you will take my word, I’d say Santa is right! He is suspicious!

So how would a “elf” get all that stuff? Well, I dont know… but he really looks trained… But Santa does not care… “ATTENTION! WE HAVE AN SUSPICIOUS ELF HERE.” The elf quickly hears and is mad so he heads to the big man! What is he thinking?! Is he mad? Well… yes… but that wasn’t what I meant…

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A Random TK 421 thing

08/21/2009 3 comments

Okay, I don’t care if this is only one BRSTM it diserves it’s own post. Read more…

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