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Power Nation is dead- Where to find the members

04/22/2010 1 comment

Hey guys, with everyone leaving the site, i think it’s time to officialy close up shop. We’ve had a good(?) run, but it’s time for it to end. However, for anyone who is stumbling upon this in heir internet browsing, this post will give links to where most of the members have gone. If you’re a member here, please edit this to have your info, and if one of you regular people find one of the members that doesn’t have a link yet, feel free to tell us where (s)he is.

PowerMarshall: –;u=1098mm
Wojogamer: *to be decided*
TK 421:
Gehaga: Hit me up on facebook
Stickman (left a long time ago)- or

SD card now allows custom music!!!

07/10/2009 5 comments

Phantomwings, we owe you alot. The begginer’s guide has not come out yet… but will be soon. 🙂

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i’m taking a break…

06/19/2009 3 comments

what? a break? i don’t even DO anything! oh well… i will not be on here till the 4th. see ya.

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Why there haven’t been textures

05/22/2009 11 comments

Many people have been complaining about the lack of textures. Here’s why (I assume) our members have been to busy to make textures.

Powermarshall: the movie

Someonewhodied: explained in previous post

Stickman: left

Leon: taking over the world

Injured2day: just got xbox360 repaired, hooked on those games.

Wojogamer: can’t make textures (yet).

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Wojogamer’s Epic Return!

05/14/2009 8 comments

Ya, I’m coming back. Ignore my last post, I was depressed, plus i should be able to make textures soon w00t! Let me explain some things.
YES: ASH, PS, and the other tools slow down my computer, but I have another one. The problem is my older brother has administrative rights on it, so I can’t put new programs on it. But I’ve found out a way to hack into his file, so I should be able to take off the rights. 😉

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PowerNation Loses Another One…

05/12/2009 14 comments

Sorry guys… I just don’t think I should be here anymore. For the guys who haven’t noticed i didn’t hex at all, but stickman hexed for me (he made dementio and blazario). After he left I went to injured2day. I sent him a post a week ago and have not heard back from him. All the other members are to lazy, to busy, or an emo prick However, I’m not leaving the community.I will post the photo edits I made for Stickman and Injured2day on deviantart. I’m sorry it came to this, but i don’t see any other way. What a way to start off being a teen.

Happy birthday to me…

05/09/2009 9 comments

Happy birthday to me, i just turned 13, happy birthday to me… *sigh* one less year to live

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R.I.P. Team Twilight

02/03/2009 12 comments

From what i understand, team twilight’s HOST was afraid of lawsuits from companies. The host decided to take down all copyrighted content and shut down his blog. Nintendo did not send a cease and desist letter to him, and in no direct way forced him to shut down. Stop shaking in your boots, nintendo has not found us yet.

EDIT: Turns out that Leon closed the team himself. WordPress is still a save area to post textures.

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