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Attack of the evil space kitties

09/05/2009 2 comments

I’m back with two new songs

first a metal remix of  j-e-n-o-v-a.

I had to do a bit of editing to get this song right.

it loops kinda like the C-r-a-s-h-e-r (agk) remix.

The other song is kinda obvious due to the tittle.

Here’s a hint “you have no chance to survive make your time”

that’s right the game with “the intro”, zerowing.

 This one loops better.

 This remix (made by megadriver) has no lyrics and is more like

the original. CLICKY

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MMMMM update *drools*

08/01/2009 4 comments

As promised I’ve returned and with an old texture of mine:

Homer J. Simpson

I may have posted this at gsc but I think it was on an unpopular thread.

sorry only one picture:


And download Victory theme included (Theme not tested):

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I have one last trick up my sleeve

07/19/2009 3 comments

Anyone remember pokemon battle revolution?

And You all know esh by now right how they do whole game sound tracks?

well I’ll use their style with that for now because

(if you care. not the most exiteing soundtrack…) I have the

WHOLE battle portion of the soundtrack of the game 100% ripped.

So as my  farewell (I’ll be gone for a week fyi) take it.

and yes I’ll be back. So try not to replace me…

Next by me when I’m back will (most likely be) an

 old texture hack by me.  Hint:   HJS

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The soonly inactive new member

07/18/2009 7 comments
OK I may be new but in 2 days I’ll be gone for a week so for now I’ll post my
stuff from kitty corp. plus one more.  Just songs for now though…

Primal dialga 2nd remix by
game: pokemon mystery dungeon 2

lance by Fairuzons
game: pokemon g/s/c
ronald mcdonald insanity song/part 1 (mcroll’d)
because it had to be done:
World revolution heavy remix by lashmush (part of a bigger song) (quieter in game)
game: chrono trigger no video (but trust me it’s good)

 Here’s the new one.
big baby bowser by metazero
game: yoshi’s island

That’s all of them so far.

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