Join \Power Nation/

Here is an application to fill out. Please complete it and email it to the provided email addresses (which all go to me, Power Marshall)

Power Nation Application

1. Name

2. Examples of your work (a link to them is fine… Another Brawl Hacking site, Photobucket, etc.)

3. A small bio about yourself (if you make the team, this will be your blurb in the team page, which of course can be edited later)

4. What type of updates will you provide (music, stages, characters, other, etc…)

5. How often can new (original) material be made by you (for updating purposes)

6. How much experience have you had in your field of hacks?

7. What is your favorite texture (by any team. you don’t have to suck up to us ☻ so be honest)

Please send this as an email to:

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