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The Sad news on the Movie

Super Smash Bros. Brawl- The Movie: The War on Brawl.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl- The Movie: The War on Brawl.

The movie I have been working on is officially… Read more…

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Injured2day is here to Stay!

Yep! Another zetta awesome member has joined the crew! Say hello to Injured2day! Hello! Anyways, hope for him to make so good textures cause I know he will!

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It got KIRBY!

OHH!!! How sad! It got Smash’s Mascot! Not poor little kirby! how very sad indeed! …sigh… well let’s just see how the damage has turned out… sob. Read more…


Thanks to SOHD, Chrono is part of \PN/! Woo! Now I can tell you that Idon’t know who Chrono is. So don’t rattle to me about it… please? Anyways, here’s the picy pics!

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I’ve sailed the Seven … wait … forests?

02/22/2009 21 comments

So, I had this one prepared just after I asked Marshall if I could join, around 3 weeks ago, I don’t remember exactly when it was XD

anyway, I’ve always been a fan of Twilight Princess, but I’ve also always used Toon Link as one of my mains … and even though I love his Brawl design, I figured it’d be fun to see what I could muster up

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Double Update: The ‘Chu and Seaweed!

Hehe haha! Another Pikachu and mah furst link! For the pikachu, it has Expressions only to be known as… MANGA/ANIME! That’s right, you heard it right! IT’S ANICHU! … oh, and seaweed link… lol, Originally, link was suppose to be… something else.


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IT got Yoshi!

OH!!! POOR Yoshi! How? Why? When?!

This is now my concept of the roster! It is called MARKINGS! Besides \PN/ characters, Markings Characters is another of my big plan. You heard it: BIG Plan.

Also I call it “Se gi jo” which means “Markings”

Anyways, I’m gonna shut up and cry because POOR Yoshi is persisted!  Sob… sob…

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Mystery Artist is now revealed!

It is now done. The person who had the role of Mystery Artist and all textures given by him. The one and only one who was secret. The Mystery Artist of Power Nation/ IS

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How? How could could you disgrace me?!

My furst Falco texture! Here he is! Here is SALCO!

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my new Gravitar!

Lol, I didn’t know it wrked so srry Leon! Anyways, so there’s 2 part to this.

Furst is this: Read more…

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