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Power Nation is dead- Where to find the members

04/22/2010 1 comment

Hey guys, with everyone leaving the site, i think it’s time to officialy close up shop. We’ve had a good(?) run, but it’s time for it to end. However, for anyone who is stumbling upon this in heir internet browsing, this post will give links to where most of the members have gone. If you’re a member here, please edit this to have your info, and if one of you regular people find one of the members that doesn’t have a link yet, feel free to tell us where (s)he is.

PowerMarshall: –;u=1098mm
Wojogamer: *to be decided*
TK 421:
Gehaga: Hit me up on facebook
Stickman (left a long time ago)- or


So sorry about my inactiveness guys…

I got recon armor on halo 3 and I’ve been too busy showing it off to do any ssbb hax…
I’ll prolly get back to ssbb in 2-3 weeks

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Aura Toonlink V.21 Is Up… YAY, I’m active again.

…title speaks for itself…

Read more…

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Finaly got it to work…

I present to you:
Aura Toonlink V.01
I know…I’m slow, I suck, wtd, w/e…anyway:

Walking, runing, jumping, rolling, dodging, and crouching make little aura…
Waiting: a 10 dmg attack with 1 knockback….good for cheap chains
Acombo: 1st attack: Stuns near TLink, Aura near tip. 2nd Attack: aura. 3rd Attack: Freezing
Side Tilt: Aura Illusion: Toon Link does a mini foxdash with a swordswing…then teleports back to where the attack started (moves about the range of ike’s smash)
BAir: in air, cape effect. on ground, it makes them suddenly fall onto the ground…if enemy is hit, he/she cant move for 2 seconds…good for chaining.
Up special was modded to have 1 hitbox of each element… (sleepytime anyone?) Attacking near the tip will pitfall them…Attacking near toonlink has a chance to put enemy to sleep.
Side smash has a semi longrange aura explosion attack for 12 dmg
All other attacks have aura hittype

Next version:
Side Smash long range will have another explosion a bit further
Loop the loopable aura effects (some already loop)
Align the aura on the BAir
Add hitboxes to movement aura

V .2 should be up by thursday… I don’t feel like doing more moveset hax today

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PowerNation Loses Another One…

05/12/2009 14 comments

Sorry guys… I just don’t think I should be here anymore. For the guys who haven’t noticed i didn’t hex at all, but stickman hexed for me (he made dementio and blazario). After he left I went to injured2day. I sent him a post a week ago and have not heard back from him. All the other members are to lazy, to busy, or an emo prick However, I’m not leaving the community.I will post the photo edits I made for Stickman and Injured2day on deviantart. I’m sorry it came to this, but i don’t see any other way. What a way to start off being a teen.

Here is My last texture till summer (a stage like promised)

well, since there are twilight characters, I made this:

I kinda used 3 designs from stack smash, but otherwise, it was all me


note: if someone can reupload somewhere else, plz post the link


DL it here:

includes:all textures by me

CSP pics for all my textures
new textures:
Shadow (replaces orange/yellow wristband sonic)
Inverted Pit(replaces Green Pit)
Redder TL (like blue)(Replaces Red TL)
Greener TL (Like blue)(Replaces Green TL)
Purpler TL (Like blue)(replaces Purple TL)

note:Sry guyz, don’t have enuff time to make pics