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Brawl on SSE stages!

10/29/2009 6 comments

Yes you can, with the help of BrawlBox!

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Darkness realms the Battle Field…

10/25/2009 1 comment

Omega Dark Wolf joins the Brawl!


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So, uh, hey

10/21/2009 3 comments

This is the real TK 421. I’ve been doing different things and I’ve finally gotten back into  some hacks. This is the real point. Read more…

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place holder for a new texture

I was watching smbz 8 and I wanted to make a basalisx texture for bowser…. not easy, but I’m working on it

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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

10/19/2009 Leave a comment

I was playing Gale of Darkness,and i made a idea.
Here is Shadow Jigglypuff and Pikachu!

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Fierce Diety Link

10/17/2009 Leave a comment

A [EE] revamp.

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Everybody Hates Chris BRSTM

10/15/2009 1 comment

the theme song. if you watch the show,you should know.


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Happy Halloween!

10/15/2009 Leave a comment

I made a Halloween Fox for you! XD

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Jigglypuff for Starlow is fitting, thanks to that flower!

10/13/2009 6 comments

Jigglypuff became the rightful candidate with those non-mirrored eyes.

Starlow is Mario and Luigi’s guide in “Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.” She also aids Bowser with his journey. She had to nickname her self “Chippy” so that Bowser doesn’t truly discover her.

BTW, some of those pictures were inspired by this drawing by Bowser2Queen. This was the only picture she made in MS Paint. Trust me, she’s awesome!

Read more…

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Golden Kirby’s brother+ Melee Luigi XD

10/12/2009 Leave a comment

Imade Platinum kirby! XD

and my second  melee texture.