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YESS! But A problem

I got it! Time to burn! Huh?! No! It can’t find the disc!!! *sigh!*

What do I do? Help?

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Power’s Character Textures List

These will be where ALL my Texture Names will go. UnderLined mines they’ve been made.
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Place holder for \Yoshi Baddally/

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I use to have home edition & it got SLOW… So my youth leader of my church came & rebooted everything so now I gots Windows professional.
That means it’d be a lot FASTER which also means:
More stages coming
TEXTURES coming!
Downloads for stages will be here!
A new LOOK! 🙂

Merry ChrisTmas, & God Bless!

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Regarding ]EE[

Posted by PZT on stack smash

Alright, the story from ]EE[ is that they ran into some technical difficulties. They have some suspicions regarding the matter but the short and sweet version is that the patch will unfortunately not be released.


Syntax Error is sorry they couldn’t release their hard work but sadly it could not happen, the circumstances were out of their hands.

They also want it made clear that their only intention, ever, was to spark interest in the game and pay homage to various characters, nothing more. Releasing everything to the public was meant to be as a sort of gift for the fans but as mentioned, this couldn’t happen.

They appreciate the support of the fans through all of this and hope you have enjoyed what they brought to the game.

anyway(post by me now)

1. Nintendo Tried to sue ]EE[ for game hacking
2. Life/Carrer is moreimportant than entertainment so they stopped
3. Now, my rants

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New User joined!

Congrats Someonewhodied! You’re now a part of this group!
Now If you are going include your hacks go to “The Roster”, edit it. And under my name Put yours, and under include your stuff.

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This Stage is a Helpful one.

This stage helps, & keeps anyone who is in need of it. This is also one of my favorites, and the 3rd Stage on this site.
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Another Battlefield?

Huh? Well, I must like making BF clones. Anyways, another stage -another day!(More like Nickel…)
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What’ll you do first?

I know you won’t probably know but I posted this so you can guess what’ll your creation be ON first. So vote now! 😀 Click to view Poll

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What if Battlefield were bigger?

What if? I would then say look at the pictures to see! No, no. I’d would really say it would look something like Final Destination but having platforms on it( or something like that).
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